Art By Callmejohn

Scotty (Art By Callmejohn) is an Ohio-based artist who uses cartoony psychedelic art to spread self-acceptance, love, healing, and mental health awareness. His art expresses everyday emotions and thoughts in a colorful, expressive, and relatable way.

Scotty’s art is often a visualization of his journaling. He states, “I’ll be journaling and will underline a sentence and be like “oh yeah - I need to draw this to hammer it into my mind, plus I’m sure someone else can benefit from this realization.”

The What We Bloom collection with Scotty blends his hallmark psychedelic approach, with a theme revolving around the internal battle with one’s thoughts. A portion of the proceeds of Scotty’s collaboration will go to NAMI, the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for millions of Americans affected by mental illness.